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Hi guys, happy Friday, would appreciate any nudges in the right direction on an issue I'm troubleshooting. 08 JK 55k miles, 2.5 frankenstein/RK lift with rancho 9ks, steel braided brake lines.

I've been hearing a hissing/grinding noise which comes and goes. I have not been able to identify the exact source but it's been getting worse. Speed is not a factor, it comes and goes. If I hit the brakes it kind of stops but will start up again once I'm off the brakes. If I'm going slow enough and it's happening then it's less of a hissing and more of a rubbing. It sounds like it's going in rhythm with tire rotation.

I pulled the pass side front and couldn't see any issues, even the pads look great which I'm guessing is because it's a manual and I tend to just downshift.

On the driver side front I found what is pictures. The brake line looks like it's fraying a little where I drew the arrow, and obviously there is some fluid. Two things come to mind:

1. Wtf happened to the line, how could anything possibly rub it in that spot?
2. Is this somehow causing the noise or red herring?

I haven't lost enough fluid for it to be noticeable in the reservoir if that matters.

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