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Installed Poly Synergy II - 3" Lift; 35" KM2

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Installed my Poly Synergy II lift. Went with 3" springs & Synergy shocks.

Started with a stock Rubi Unlimited. Did it by myself (and I have no mechanical experience) so it took me 3 days. Below are some pics of the finished product, which I'm quite happy with.

I installed the 3" springs & Synergy shocks, but on my stock JK I got 4" of lift. I've got front & rear bumpers on order so we'll see if it settles in.

Tire are 35" KM2. With some minor trimming it looks like 37 would fit.

Also the last shot is my front drive shaft boot. On my ramp test, I shreaded the boot. Sucks, but I'll have to fix that before I hit the trail.


Spring Comparrison:

Ramp Test:

Torn Boot:
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Looks GREAT!

I am jealous!
I like it!!! I love my Synergy II lift...got the same shocks you did too...congrats!!! :bounce:
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