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Install Pics - Rock Krawler 5.5 Longarm Coilover

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The guys at Atomic 4x4 in Austin Texas installed this RK long arm suspension on my JK. As with everything else that I've had done at this shop the quality of work was outstanding. Atomic is not just a service shop, they are master fabricators & welders and can handle any job. Here are a handfull of pics. I'll post wheeling pics soon!

One note about Rock Krawler: This is my first product that I've bought from them. The kit is huge and shipped in 16 boxes. But every little nut and bolt was there, very complete. Quality is off the scale good. And instructions are also top notch. Great outfit - thanks RK!! / and no, I don't work there :)

Edit: a few wheeling pics at the bottom of this page.

A few new parts!

Cutting & Grinding off old mounts

Rear axle truss

Adam Welding new mounts on
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Detailed long term performance report coming soon. Spoiler aleat, it'll be very positave. Just info that you'll need to know before buying this suspension.
Hey Kev just wondering how your RK 5.5 coilover kit kit is running? I am thinking about it. Do you know if Tribe installs this kit?

Our new coil over mounts are different and the lower mount will allow you to drop that beast about 2" if you wanted to make it easy on yourself and not loose any articulation. Let us know... By the way, this thing looks a lot cleaner than we remember.... What happened...

10 Year Review

Well it's been 10 years since we installed the RK 5.5" long arm coil over suspension. The first few years when I lived in Austin it was all rock crawling. Now that I'm in Dallas its pretty much all trail running. I do a yearly trip to the ORV off road park in AR, Big Bend National Park in south Texas. Also an occasional run at local off road park.

The on road ride is still amazing. A little squat on acceleration but very little body roll in turns. The springs give about the same ride as the OEM suspension. The off road flex is nothing short of amazing I don't run bump stops so the flex is impressive!.

The Radflow coil overs (RK now has their own coil overs) are fully charged after 10 years. I think that's impressive because as I mentioned above, I don't run bumps. So I'm really giving the coil overs a workout. I finally had to rebuild my rear Fox shocks 3 or 4 years ago but that was pretty easy to do and didn't cost much. The suspension didn't come with the rear shocks back when I bought it. Not sure if it does now or not. But since we all like different brands of shocks I think that it was a good idea to let the buyer get the shocks of their choice.

So I love this suspention! And if I do another build RK is the company that I'd use. And for the record I don't work with Rock Krawler, just a customer.
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A 10 year review and still happy. Very cool. I'd say @Rock Krawler Suspension owes you some swag.:wink2:
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