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Install Pics - Rock Krawler 5.5 Longarm Coilover

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The guys at Atomic 4x4 in Austin Texas installed this RK long arm suspension on my JK. As with everything else that I've had done at this shop the quality of work was outstanding. Atomic is not just a service shop, they are master fabricators & welders and can handle any job. Here are a handfull of pics. I'll post wheeling pics soon!

One note about Rock Krawler: This is my first product that I've bought from them. The kit is huge and shipped in 16 boxes. But every little nut and bolt was there, very complete. Quality is off the scale good. And instructions are also top notch. Great outfit - thanks RK!! / and no, I don't work there :)

Edit: a few wheeling pics at the bottom of this page.

A few new parts!

Cutting & Grinding off old mounts

Rear axle truss

Adam Welding new mounts on
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More pics

Front longarm frame mount

Coilover tower

New rear lower shock mount

On its wheels

We haven't secured the lines yet...

EDIT: 03-25-10 - Now on 37"s

Look at that flex! - Big Bend Natl Park in TX

Updated Pic 8/17/11 - Superlift ORV Park in Hot Springs AR
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Slick setup!

I'd be curious how much everything cost with labor for the kit. They do some great welds from the pics! :beer:
Yeah Adam can WELD man. You should see some of the rigs that this shop has built, makes mine look like a little kid jeep! The RK lift lists for 4200.00 and labor would be around 1000.

Updated pics below from 8-2011 run to Superlift ORV in Hot Springs AR.

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Now get that TF lift in the mail! ;)


I'll have it all boxed up and on the UPS (or who ever is best price) truck tomorrow. Thanks for buying it Mike, you'll like the lift. I have pics of mine with the Teara lift if you havn't seen it. Give you some idea of how yours will sit.

Now get that TF lift in the mail! ;)


Nice looking build. What size tires and wheels do you plan on running when your JK is complete? Nice Tapout shirt too.

Rock Krawler
Thanks! And man, you guys make great stuff. The kit shipped in like 16 boxes and every little nut and bolt was there, very complete. The directions were also very well done.

I'll bump up to 37s after I burn off the 35s that are on it now. I'll keep the 17" AEV wheels. That'll be sometime in the fall I guess. The guy in the tapout shirt is John, owner of Atomic. He's been talking to someone at RK and we'll get some wheeling and build pics to you guys soon!
A few pics from my first wheeling run post lift install. We went to Hidden Falls near Austin Tx. No issues with the RK lift install and VERY good flex. More wheeling pics coming soon.

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Thanks for the positave comments guys;)
I'd like to see a pic of your ride with the Xenon Flat Fenders. I'm thinking of going to them.
how does it ride on the street?
Hi, sorry for the late reply, I've been really busy with the work thing. This lift rides better than stock on the street. The only disclamer is that if you hit had bumps, pot holes etc, you get more of a 'jaring' impact in the cabin. That is due to the fact that all but 4 of the long arm ends are not rubber mounted. So just slow down for speed bumps. I've had this on the HWY at 80 mph and the ride is fantastic! Way better than I ever hoped for.

Bottom line, this lift rides better than anything of this size that I've ever driven or ridden in. Off road, VERY flexi, but I haven't even been able to find trails to really test it yet. But I have plans:beer:
Looks great :smokin::smokin::smokin:

Just in time for Katemcy in Feb :)
Thanks PhilD, I'll see you there!

Looks awesome, do you plan to run larger tires?
I'll run 37's in a few months. The 35's have some miles left on them. Best lift that I've had on any of my Jeeps so far.
LOL, yeah I get that question a lot. I'll bump to 37s in a couple of months. Dang, this lift kit rides fantastic!! Better than stock.
Glad to see another posting about this system!! I have been doing my research and have come to the conclusion that this IS the answer. Go big or go home!!!!
Love the pictures and love the flex.
Yeah, go RK and you will not be sorry. Quality is fantastic. Thanks for the comments on the pics:)
how much uptravel do you have at 5.5"?

are you running the 10" or 12" coilovers?

and also how much room is there from the top of your upper coilover mount to the bottom of the inner fender well? (room for taller coilovers?)
"are you running the 10" or 12" coilovers?"
They have 12" of travel avaliable, if you need the spring / shock length just let me know and I'll hit it with the tape.

"..how much room..." From the top of the shock mount you would only have about an extra inch for a taller spring.

Not sure what you are asking about uptravel.... But the pic of it on the forklift isn't quite at full flex.
Texaskev I was thinking about your comment about bumps hitting you a little harder due to lack of rubber bushings - I do a fair amount of desert washboard driving - have you done any? Most of time airing down the tires takes care of it but sometimes it can really rattle your teeth - was wondering how that feels with the RK setup.
No I haven’t used my JK in the way that you plan on using yours. For the record, the frame end of this RK kit’s 4 lower control arms have a quality rubber end. The axel end as well as both single upper arms (it’s a 3 link kit) all have Johnny Joint type connections. That is why a bit more jolt on bumps than OEM.

Having said that, I’ve been a fan of JeepSpeed and basic trophy truck racing for years. And my past life as a race car setup guy gives me some insight. Just about every race truck that I’ve ever seen has had Heim or JJ joints at all axel and frame mounts. Very rare to see rubber joints at all. So they do depend on lower air psi and long springs to smooth out the ride.

So I think that this lift would be a great choice for your needs as long as you are aired down a bit. I’ve never seen a longarm lift for a Jeep that had all OEM rubber control arm connections, all that I've researched have about the same number of hard connections. The OEM jounts just don’t flex enough I guess.
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pics with 37s?
I'll shoot up & post some poser pics with the 37"s tonight. Thanks for the comments guys:beer:
Looks better with 37"s but I think that a guy could run 40"s with no prob, for sure with flattie fenders. First wheeling trip on new tires in a couple of weeks. Love this RK kit, rides great. Thanks RK and thanks to John at Atomic 4x4 for the build advice:beer:

Before - 35" Mick Thompson MTZ with 40K on them. Great tire:

After - 37" KM2. Even better tire:

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thx for the pics it still has a lot of wheel well in there a little too much for my taste. maybe some 4.5 inch springs with the rk stuff.

i gotta have a lift to look forward to during college.

does it feel unstable at that height at all with a 2dr?
The RK 3.5 kit would probably be just right for you. With 35"s it has a bit less of distance from the fender to the top of the tire.

The ride is really good. Very little change from how the stock springs felt, I'm impressed with it.
can you run 37s with the 3.5 and flat fenders.

glad it rides good now i gotta go look at their site some more:D
Yeah I do believe that it sez on the RK site (link below) that the 3.5 kit can run 37" with faltties.
Thanks man, a little Big Bend National Park Flex from last week:

I'll go 40"s after going D60's and flat fenders. A couple of years away.
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