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Innovative JK Products Jeep JK Unlimited (2007-Present) Rear Seat Recline Kit Write-Up

Innovative JK Products started in the garage (and still operates from there, along with the living room sometimes!) with a couple of innovative products that were developed because no solution existed. After a number of fellow Jeep owners asked "Where did you get that?" or "How did you do that?" Tony made some products for them, and decided to share his ideas with the Jeep community. Innovative JK Products, I JK P for short, was born. Everything is proudly developed and made in the USA!
and I JK P is currently operating out of Orange County CA.

Information about the Innovative JK Products Jeep JK Unlimited Rear Seat Recline Kit.

• Do your passengers complain about the rear seat comfort and/or sitting too upright in your Jeep JK 4 door? Of course they do, it’s not comfortable at all! Also, a stock Jeep has forward rake (front sits lower) which makes the back seat even worse to ride in. Well here is an innovative solution to a common complaint. Some have even indicated their family / friends are once again willing to ride in the back, in comfort, after installation of this kit! I know myself having been stuck in the back seat for 1000 miles prior to developing this kit. And for those of you that have leveled your Jeep the results after installing the kit will even be more noticeable.

• This kit will allow you to gain approximately 2.5 inches of rear seat recline (how far the headrest will move back). It does not sound like a lot, but it makes a world of difference! Just read some of the testimonials and feedback from previous Buyers, check out the reviews on my Facebook Page, as well as ebay.

• Thickness and size of the spacers in the kit have been optimized to provide maximum recline angle with no modifications and no significant stress to the factory seat brackets/bolts yet still be compatible with a number of rear cargo area accessories. The ability of the seat to fold up and down is not impacted and still functions as provided from the factory. In the folded down position the seat may be slightly higher at the very front after the kit is installed (this seems to vary Jeep to Jeep so for some of you there may be little to no change).

Design Features

• The spacers in the kit are machined from a black acetal polymer to provide a safe, durable, and cleanly integrated installation. The acetal polymer offers:
• Excellent Durability and Strength (similar to metal but with other added benefits).
• Excellent Chemical and Corrosion Resistance (unlike uncoated metals such as Aluminum or Steel).
• Excellent suitability for this application to minimize stress on factory components.
• Blends in with the existing factory black color of the seat components.
• Maximum recline angle with no modifications and no significant stress to the factory seat brackets/bolts.
• Compatible with a number of rear cargo area accessories.
• Rear seat still folds up and down.


• Installation of this kit requires NO loosening, changes, or modification to any of the seat belt mounting points.
• Factory bolts still pass through the welded nuts in the floor where the three spacers are installed that provide the seat recline (these are three of the six main anchor points of the rear seat, the other three remain unchanged).
• Factory bolts pass through all seven spacers so they are "locked" in place.


• This is a modification to the factory rear seat mounting and in no way is this kit implied to be compliant with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations as outlined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

What is included in the kit

• 7 Spacers
• Easy to follow Color Installation Instructions


Patent Pending

My Thoughts

This is my first JKU, and never realized how bad the seating was in the rear. After jumping on google trying to find answers to the fix, I came across this product and knew it was a must to have! The install couldn’t be any easier because Tony made one of the easiest most detailed Colored instruction guides I've seen in a long time! Plus the tools needed almost anyone has in their small or large tool collection. The rear seat is a lot more comfortable now, plus gave my soon to be identical twins more room in their car seats. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to anyone that has people riding in the back seat of their Jeeps.

Tools Required

• Socket Ratchet
• Socket Ratchet Extension
• 18mm Socket (1/2” Recommended)
• Breaker Bar
• Impact Wrench
• Torque Wrench

Install Time

20-45min depending on if you use impact or not.

The Install Write-Up

Step 1

Open front doors and slide both driver and passenger seat forward for ease of rear seat bolts.

• Once seats are slid forward, remove or roll forward rear floor mats so that all seat bolts are shown for removal.

• Open rear door and window and remove or roll back the cargo mat so that the seat bolts and nuts are shown.

Step 2

Loosen the 3 fasteners behind the rear seat as shown in photo below.

• DO NOT REMOVE! Just back off about 1/4” or so.
• Remember to only loosen seat bracket bolts and not the seat belt bolts.
• Use 18mm socket.

Step 3

Remove the 4 bolts securing the four seat legs to the floor.

• You will need breaker bar or impact to get these bolts loose.
• Use 18mm socket.

Step 4

Pull up seat cushion side of seat up, and strap the seat belts over seat to hold up.

• Pull seat belt until it clicks then let go for locking mode.

Step 5

Remove the 3 bolts securing the rear seat to the floor.

• You will once again need breaker bar or impact to get bolts loose.
• Use 18mm socket.

Step 6

Pull up on each of the 3 seat brackets, and slide 1 of the thin square spacers under each.

• Start each of the 3 bolts until finger tight before using any tools!
• Once all three spacers and bolts are in place and visually squared up with bracket, you can now tighten down with your 18mm socket.
• Torque all 3 bolts to the manufacturer specifications of 45ft/lbs.


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Step 7

Take your 4 rectangle spacers and place one on each of the four leg post mount holes.

• The holes in the spacers will need to be towards the BACK of Jeep for proper alignment.
• Lower each seat post one at a time and install seat bolts. (finger tight)
• Once all four bolts are in place, visually make sure the spacers are lined up with post and SNUG UP with 18mm socket.
• DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!!!!! The bolts only hold the legs in place!

Step 8

Check to make sure the legs of seat do not twist.

• Once again make sure seat post is sitting square with spacer. Use the edge of spacers as a guide.
• If the legs are twisted, the seat may not fold down correctly. The legs can be held with and adjustable wrench pinched on them, while re-tightening down the bolts.
• If legs are not twisted, move to step 10.

Step 9

Re-tighten down the 3 fasteners on in back of seat from step 3.

• Use 18mm socket.
• Manufacturer specifications is 62.5ft/lbs. FOR NUTS.
• Manufacturer specifications is 45ft/lbs. FOR BOLTS.

Step 10

Make sure once again seat lies down properly. All Jeeps are different so some seats may sit up a tad bit higher now due to spacers being installed. Also make sure they lay down with ease like they did from factory. Once you have checked that, fix floor mats and cargo mat, slide back front seats to regular position, close window and gate door.

Congratulations your install is now complete!!! Go out wheeling now and enjoy!

(My before shot I didn't know was blurry, so I took photo from another Jeep since they are same)

Innovative JK Products
Innovative solutions for the things you never knew existed, but now must have for your Jeep Wrangler JK / JKU.

If you have any further questions, please contact me by PM on forum, or PM on Facebook at-

Thanks for taking the time to read over my write-up,

Also a big thanks to Jim (ThatGuy) for lending a hand and his air ratchet to make install a breeze

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