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Good afternoon everyone, since I’ve been stuck inside for 2 days due to rain I’ve been searching for 2 days on the web about these “61” coil springs. Long story short during the past 1 1/2 years I’ve slowly transformed my 2015 JKU sport into my own creation. It came with new JL Sahara wheel/tire combos which looked okay but didn’t quite fit the direction I wanted to go so they had to get swapped to some Mammoth wheels with Toyo AT2 tires in 295/75R16 size. To get ready for those tires I added a TF leveling kit and swapped the 16/57 coils for some 18/59 coils during reassembly. My expectations were met and it brought me up to in my opinion a respectable height. That was about a year ago and now after about 15,000 miles and a few heavy loads not to mention being constantly loaded with spare tools and recovery equipment I’ve noticed the rear suspension sagging approximately 1/2” giving me the dog dragging it’s rear squat. After being on the fence about whether I needed to try to locate some 006/009 springs to give a little more resistance to sagging. I do have an aftermarket steel bumper and have been wanting to put a winch on it eventually. I’ve sat about 100lbs of feed on the front and it doesn’t sag more than an 1/8th of an inch so I figure I’m okay with the front settling for now. I typically have a few hundred lbs of gear and other equipment in the back if I’m not pulling my small utility trailer so that is likely part of the reason for the rear settling more.
Late last night I located some of the “61” series springs (68024461AA) and dwelled over buying them but it was a good deal so I figured if nothing else I’d save them for a future project. I’ve looked around online and can’t find much on them but I figured someone out there has some laying around or has gotten measurements before. I’m looking for free length measurement and maybe someone has experience with using them. I’m going to likely be replacing my “59” springs with them if they work as expected. Pictures out of order but the bottom picture with Sahara wheels and soft top was the day I brought it home.
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