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Curious what you guys have as far as this. I know it wouldnt be too hard to do to mount an in cab switch for winch controls. This would be nice so I'm not digging for my controller, but I also thought about using my winch as a suck down winch in the front. Curious what it takes to do this. Would prefer just to use my current winch instead of an ATV winch to save weight. Post pics if you got em.
This is one way to use the winch for a draw down. My Warn Powerplant sits low in my Teraflex front bumper. I bolted an alum fairlead to the back of the winch mount and ran the rope out the back. It clears under the radiator - the line then runs over the track bar down to the axle. I used a 3 ply limit strap that is just looped around the axle with a 2 piece collar keeping the strap from sliding towards the passenger side.

I used a pigtail about 4' long which is bolted to the axle strap. The other end is attached to my winch line with a soft rope shackle. I don't have to crawl under the jeep to go between a normal winch line and the suck down. This was a budget project that really works good for me! No picks, I'm in LV for Christmas.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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