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Hey all,

I have been searching for information on the Rampage Trailtop for a long time and am having a frustrating time with it. I'm really interested in the top because it seems really simple and convenient with the looks of the trektop NX, but all I can find is info on the TJ version. Can anyone who has it take pictures of it (not just the outside, but also the inside hardware etc) tell me how it works for them etc?

Specific questions I have:

1. How exactly does it connect to the door surrounds (or does it not?)? why are they needed?
2. How would you compare the sailcloth version quality to say the factory top?
3. Any ripping seams/zippers etc.?
4. How does it hold up in rain or snow?
5. How does it hold up in heavy wind?
6. Can you take a pic of the rear window compartment? How does it function? Could you put the windows in here and just roll up the top?
7. how useful are the inside gear pockets?
8. How easy is it to completely take it down, roll up and put in the back of your jeep?

Pleaseeee someone answer :th_pray:
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