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Hypertech Max Energy 52001 Programmer

I bought it used as well but it has been returned to stock and ready to program your jeep. It is in the original box with all cabling and the cd. You can download the updated program from hypertech's website also.

Allt he copied info on it:
Jeep Wrangler 2007 - 2010 Performance Gains:
Premium Octane: +11HP +24TQ
Regular Octane: +8HP +15TQ


Hypertech's New Max Energy Power Programmer delivers Hypertech's definitive tuning for maximum power and drivability. Only Hypertech delivers maximum power (up to 176 hp over stock for diesel trucks and 57 hp over stock for gas trucks) even while towing 10,000 lbs-no other tuner even comes close!
Increase in fuel mileage! Hypertech customers are claiming 2 to 6 mpg gains, and with the rising price of fuel that savings adds up quickly
Whether you run diesel, premium gas, or regular gas, Hypertech delivers maximum power and performance, like optimizing tuning over the entire rpm band, proper transmission shifting, and maintaining safe EGTs
Superior tuning that doesn't require a de-fueling fix is what gives the new Max Energy Power Programmer the performance advantage-Max Energy offers gas owners dual fuel options (Regular and Premium Fuel)
You'll be street-legal because all Hypertech products are emissions-certified for use in all 50 States!

If you're running non-stock tires, Hypertech can correct the speedometer and odometer for tires up to 54 inches! Additionally, Hypertech's Max Energy Power Programmers have the ability to read and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) or "check engine" lights, adjust shift points, shift firmness and raise the top speed limiter and the rev limiter. Plus, the new Max Energy has a USB connector to allow updates via the internet.
Adjustable Features

Speedometer\Odometer Correction For Gears 2.82, 3.07, 3.21, 3.42, 3.55, 3.73, 3.92, 4.10, 4.56, 4.88 & 5.13
Speedometer\Odometer Correction For Tire Sizes 22.5 - 44 inches 1/4 inch increments
Cooling Fans Stock, 180 degrees F, 195 degrees F
DTCs Read and Clear
Return Back To Stock
Internet Updateable
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