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Was searching for unit bearing replacements for my Dodge 2500 when I noticed a new conversion for the JK's. Didn't find anything in the search so I thought it'd be worth posting over here for you guys :D

solidaxle.com said:
Product Details

Until now, new JK owners have been living with the idea that
converting to a fixed spindle front axle wasn’t an option. With the
implementation of ABS, and the new Electronic Stability Program
(ESP), JK owners have been forced to accept the limitations that
the unitized bearing front end has to offer. Larger tires and heavy
accessories place unwanted stress on the factory assembly leading
to an unfortunate and costly failure.

Solid Axle Industries has created an option for the JK by adding it
to our new SpynTec line of fixed spindle conversion kits. SpynTec
kits restore the ability to service and maintain your vehicle as
needed, while reducing the wear and tear to your driveline by
allowing for the front hubs to be unlocked. Your ABS and ESP
functions are retained with the combination of our uniquely
designed hub and spindle.

Our forged hub features a gear cut tone ring, while the
forged spindle retains the factory ABS sensor mount.
As with all SpynTec kits, your speed sensors are now
completely sealed from harsh on and off road conditions.
Names such as Timken, SKF, Warn, Chicago Rawhide
and Spicer go into every Solid Axle SpynTec conversion kit.

• Forged hub with gear cut ABS tone ring.
• Forged spindle with integral ABS sensor mount.
• Includes all bearings, races, seals, and spindle nuts.
• Utilizes Warn premium locking hubs.
• Upgrades to the tried and proven 760X u-joints (also included) as well as 30 spline domestic alloy shafts.
• Features fully machined rotors with matching wheel studs.

• Eliminates unit bearing hub assemblies prone to breaking.
• As always, SpynTec conversion kits fully seal the ABS sensor and tone ring from contaminates on and off road.
• Increased fuel economy.
edit: it is spendy though...


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Pricey, yes, plus it changes the bolt pattern to 5x5.5. So you either carry two spares or change the rear to match.

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I've seen those, looks like good quality but like John L said, pricey!
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