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I'm Back! Again...

Figured I'd share this with you guys. As it is fitting for this Memorial Day weekend.

Last month our local little league had their opening ceremony, prior to opening day they approached me asking to honor me and my service. I thanked them and REFUSED as thats just me. Instead I suggested they honor a fellow Marine that had been KIA. I had been introduced to Cpl. Kyle R. Schneider's mother this past Christmas by a wounded warrior that thought "her & I could help each other". Unfortunately I did not have the fortune to have met Kyle though we had crossed paths.

There was a wonderful (Tear-Jerking) speech read prior to my two sons throwing out the 1st pitch in his honor. The National anthem was played and as a brand new flag waved. The local government had allowed the previous flag to become tattered and Mrs. Schneider donated a beautiful flag made by another Marine to fly over the park. We sold wristband that read "CPL. KYLE R. SCHNEIDER "IT'S MY TURN" with all proceeds going to the NFP Foundation started by his mother to help veterans here in upstate NY.

Here is some background on Kyle if you'd like to read.

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