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Hello and welcome aboard....first off....I think I can speak for most of us here. We don't care if you are Chinese, Japanese or from Mars....you are a jeep enthusiast and you are welcome here.....So welcome!


Let me answer the questions that I can and leave the guru's...(yeah there are a few here, their jeeps are sick!)

1. Can't comment on MyGig. I don't have it on my Rubi Unlimited. BUT I do have the MOPAR GPS system added. I like it and I can take it out with me if I need too.
2.Learning curve? That really depends on your ability to turn a wrench. I honestly don't think a bumper, expecially the fender flares, are out of your scope.
3.Gas consumption. I can only tell you in miles per gallon my young friend. I get somewhere (according the the computer in the jeep) about 19mpg on the highway....I typically average somewhere about 18mpg between city/highway.
4.Between the bumpers you listed. Remember this. YOUR JEEP (re read that please its YOUR jeep) its an expression of yourself. Go with what YOU like. Doesn't matter what I like. Its not mine. Its yours my friend....Express yourself as you see fit. Personally I like the AEV.

Anyway.....I hope this helps. Stick around. These guys are sharp and know their stuff....Their jeeps are awesome with some excellent experience and knowledge.

Happy New Year.

Well said

As far as MPG the dash computer really is not that accurate. last trip i took on the highway for 8 hours i got 21mpg and computer was saying 17mpg
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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