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Hello and welcome aboard....first off....I think I can speak for most of us here. We don't care if you are Chinese, Japanese or from Mars....you are a jeep enthusiast and you are welcome here.....So welcome!


Let me answer the questions that I can and leave the guru's...(yeah there are a few here, their jeeps are sick!)

1. Can't comment on MyGig. I don't have it on my Rubi Unlimited. BUT I do have the MOPAR GPS system added. I like it and I can take it out with me if I need too.
2.Learning curve? That really depends on your ability to turn a wrench. I honestly don't think a bumper, expecially the fender flares, are out of your scope.
3.Gas consumption. I can only tell you in miles per gallon my young friend. I get somewhere (according the the computer in the jeep) about 19mpg on the highway....I typically average somewhere about 18mpg between city/highway.
4.Between the bumpers you listed. Remember this. YOUR JEEP (re read that please its YOUR jeep) its an expression of yourself. Go with what YOU like. Doesn't matter what I like. Its not mine. Its yours my friend....Express yourself as you see fit. Personally I like the AEV.

Anyway.....I hope this helps. Stick around. These guys are sharp and know their stuff....Their jeeps are awesome with some excellent experience and knowledge.

Happy New Year.


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thanks for the warm welcomes guys, I dunno, it just feels weird being a chinese driving a jeep. One of my chinese female friends stunned her interviewer when they found out that she drives a hummer and eventually landed the job, so i guess the cultural factor is definitely there.

and thanks for the mpg numbers, i did some rough calculation and got what I was looking for. But may I ask what size of tire you are using? and if going to a lets say... 35 or 37 will result in a drastic change in consumption and handling?

as for the installations, i read the AEV bumper installation manual thoroughly, only part that gives me the scare if when I found out that I need to drill stuff onto the Jeep. Turning a wrench is no problem as I have said that I am quite handy with stuff. So i will definitely give the self-installation thing a go.

as for the MyGig thing I am starting to consider to just scrap it, besides the GPS I dont see myself using the XM radio and the harddrive that much because I listen to my own stuff anyway, and a good quality GPS is dirt cheap now anyway. One thing that worries me with MyGig is that there are many cases in Toronto that people just steals the damn stuff. So I think I will just go with a removable GPS.

again. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, happy new years.
Hello again my friend.....

Ok....Hummer? Your girl drive a Hummer? You realize you can't see her if she drives that.....She has to get a Jeep. hahaha...just kidding...

As for XM Radio. its actually Sirius and you can get that without MYGIG. i have Sirius in mine.

I have the stock size tires on my Rubi. 32". As for gas consumption for 35's or 37's. If you regear. I have read on vairous boards your gas mileage could be the same and sometimes better....depending on who you ask.

Handling? Well...My Jeep doesn't handle like my Camaro...but then I didn't expect it too...I think it handles reasonably well...But when you lift the Jeep the stability can sometimes not be as good. So pay attention to what lift you purchase. I am going the Poly route. They are a board sponsor here and VERY active here. And a few people here have their lift and love it. And I hope to be among this crowd soon.

Keep reading my friend. When my friends ask me on a beautiful warm day what I prefer to drive. My Camaro SS or my Wrangler...I hop into my topless/doorless Wrangler and go for a nice drive... :D As a friend of mine says...."Driving my jeep everyday is like going camping!"
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