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Hi, New JK in Corona CA

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Hey, just thought I would say Hello. Been wheel'n all my life, its a family thing where I come from. Unfortuetly my ol' man has switched to the dark side and now has 2 LandRovers:shaking: Anyway Im selling my YJ to build my 4 day old JK. Plans are 35's and 15" steel wheels with a Full Traction 3" kit, new drive shafts, ected E-lockers front and rear w/ 4.88 gears.

Hope to see ya on the trails soon,
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Sounds like you have plans to make one badass Jeep! Keep us updated on the build and welcom to the forum!:beer:
I saw the write up you did on the Tera Flex BB... Do you have any more pictures? Any of your Jeep sitting on level ground? BTW your JK looks good!
Cool man, I miss whel'n in the snow.. ever since I rolled my YJ and no longer have a top for it the snow wheel'n was out the window for my wife!:bawling: How does your JK drive? Any rubbing off road?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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