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Hi all,
John from Tulsa here, I've posted here and there, thought I'd come in and say hey. Currently waiting patiently for my Shrockworks stubby, last mod was the Terraflex 2.5" HD BB with Full Traction front and rear adjustable track bars.

Here's when I picked it up at the dealer.....

And here's the current rev........

Here's what it is and what I've done to it...

X hardtop
Power group
S package
open diffs
33x12.5x15 ProComp Mud Terrains
American Eagle wheels, series 186, 3.25 BS
Drilled mirrors
Front fender turn signal mod
Plastic gutter guard in the grill
Grab handles
Fire extinguisher
15% tint, all glass sans windscreen
Black Jeep sill guards
Jeep tiretrack slush mats
Black fuel door with black aluminum screws
Black painted door locks
Underhood blanket (dealer install)
Misch door armrests
LED center stack and door handle illumination
Dome light refit using the rear light out of an Unlimited. Click on, click off
Underhood lamp install
Footwell lamp install, both sides
Backup/tailgater flood lamps, automatic and switch controlled
Pillar mounted Slimlight driving lights
CIBIE E code headlamp install w/Osram 70/65w bulbs
Cobra 75 CB behind glove box
Cooltech clone CB mic mount
3 foot Firestik firefly antenna mounted on rear tire carrier
Autometer oil pressure, water temp, and volt gauges
K&N drop in filter
Custom "no lift" hood latches
Terraflex 2.5" HD BB
Front swaybar disco's
Full Traction front and rear adjustable track bars

Ordered and on the way

Shrockworks stubby with winch hoop, black
Hella amber fog lamps

Future mods

Rear bumper w/tire carrier (c'mon Shrockworks)
Rock sliders
Front and rear Ox lockers
Maybe fenders, who knows

*whew*, I think that's it. First time I really made a list.....dammit, I just found out where my money goes!!

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Hi JohnL,..."Articulation at it's finest",....sharp sharp sharp "JK".

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Awesome John and Welcome!

I have my LED's still sitting in the box awaiting me to do your center stack and door handle lighting. So maybe when you get bored you can post up your instructions here as my PM you sent got deleted by someone. :mad:

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Thanks everyone. Lost of time and $$.

Michael, I'll get you a write up on the led install very soon.
With the doors off at night it looks nice, i get a lot of looks from people in traffic.
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