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Hi from Iowa

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Hi JK Owners,
I've been a Jeep owner for Ummmm...OMG 30 years now. :smokin: :beer: Now I feel old, damn. Oh well. Lived here in IOWaaaa all my life (mostly) BTW; I do have access to Jeep Dealer stuff and love to help. When I not wheel'n Jeep wise I'm on 2 wheels, wind in my hair and bugs in my teeth, I love to travel.. short trips, long ones, whatever and where ever I roam. Sorry if I'm rambling, I read better than I post. Looking forward to this forum, from what I've read so far y'all are pretty cool. And there is no such thing as too rich or to many friends.
(btw I'm a guy)
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LOVE the avatar! :smokin: WELCOME to the forum.
Welcome Darcy! Too bad I was hoping you were the model for your avatar. Suddenly I feel like Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles.

I just did a travel presentation to a bunch of Mongols, funny the similarities between the two. Both 4-wheelers and serious 2-wheelers, it's about the journey, the expression and the kin ship. :beer:
not me but...

That, would be my wife :D :bounce:
Welcome, who ever you, I'll get back to your welcome some other day, right after I get over your avatar. Thank you for that shot of Adrenalin for this old man, :innocent::innocent:
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