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Hi for New Orleans!

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I'm currently stock 08 Sahara 4dr. First semi serious off road trip last week and I am hooked.

Enjoying the site!
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Sweet!!! Welcome to your new Addiction!!! Hey I'll be in NOLA next weds for the fest!! You going???
Welcome to the forum from rainy New Hampshire. :)
Welcome from Golden, Colorado
Thanks for the welcoming

Thanks for the warm reception guys.

And no AIRRIC I'm not going to make jazz fest this year. We used to go every year before the crumb crunchers came along.

Have you been before? It is a great time! They got doused this weekend though with a few inches of rain. But the show usually goes on!

I have been a few times!!! Last time was before Katrina.. I'm looking forward to it rain or shine!! Really looking forward to John Butler Trio and Jimmy Buffett!

Crumb Crunchers?:confused:
No kids yet eh? Crumb crunchers, curtain climbers, rug rats....

Have a good time down here and be safe!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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