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Hey everyone I am Russell and this is Grover the Jeep:

It is a work in progress.

I am a member of jeepforum.com and I was on jk-forum.com until I realized how lame they are. I posted a link on JK-forum to a write up I did on jeepforum and one of the "moderators" deleted my link. They said that jeepforum.com was a "competing forum" lame lame lame. Then I made a thread asking if anyone had used poly performance springs or other products. They went ape **** on me. Deleted my post and said they were blacklisted. You can't even say their name. The person that emailed me just got done getting her free rough country lift kit installed so I am sure that is the only one she wants to talk about. Poly performance must have refused her request for a free lift so they got "blacklisted" I guess that is why? She wouldn't give me a reason. Sorry about the Rant. I am done. I hope you guys are all real cool. I would like a place that I know the "write ups" are not just purchased opinions. Thanks for having me!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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