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Hesco Super Charger: Good or Bad?

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Is the supercharger for the 07/08 Jk worth the price? It's about $7,000 but it also saves you on gas. It also adds a whole bunch of ponys to your 3.8 V6. I honostly think it would be worth it, but what do you think? I have a 07 Rubi unlimited and well, it has the 4 speed automatic :bawling: so i guess it's ok but still. The pick-up isn't the greatest, then again the engine hasn't been broken in yet too. It also says on one of the websites such as hesco, that you should not pull anything heavy with it. I have a 16ft CUB camper hybrid and that weighs about 3,000 lbs. A 07 Rubi stock with the Dana 44 can pull upto 3,500 lbs. How would a supercharger make it not be able to pull as much? Anyway, I heard that it feels great driving with one so I'm debating wether or not to purchase one. The only thing is, I'm in my 20's so im not too too great with mechanics but I know the basics like changeing a wheel or tire, but how would I install it if I got it? So not only am I going to have to pay to purchase it, but to pay Midas a cuple hundred bucks to install it for me. Well, im going off topic a bit, anyway wold it be good too if you had a snorkle on the jeep? There are pros too, like you'll have alot more pick-up and have a higher top speed. I think it adds about 70 bhp so... :) Well, thanks for reading and I'll besure to add more reviews, Have a great day :bounce:
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I will tell you this, the butt dyno is really, really happy. ;)

I've heard a couple ways to say "seat of the pants"...never "butt dyno", though. This is going to definitely be the official term as of now!
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