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I think I see what you're getting at here.
Up= parallel with hi beams
middle: ALL OFF
DOWN: Just the aux lights

You might simplify this by hooking both the LOAD from your in cab switch and the wire tapped into the hibeam relay activation wire up to the 86 terminal on your relay for the aux lights. (SEE DIAGRAM) This should permit you to turn the aux lights on via switch as well as operate them in parallel with your highbeams.

The circuit described above does not account for the ability to run hi-beams WITHOUT the aux lights though. If you turn the installed switch OFF and your hibeams ON, the aux lights will still go on. Since you're tying two circuits together using only the LOAD lines from the switch, either one will activate it, but they're not completely independent of each other as you would find in something like a double pole/ double throw switch. EDIT: Duh, just reread your post and saw this is where you were headed in the first place :suicide:

Check local laws before doing this to ensure you're not walking into a shitstorm with the local LEO's. I wouldn't run this setup if you have to cover your lights as those things generate a good bit of heat - unless they're LED's - and will probably melt your covers.

1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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