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Ok. So I know there are MILLIONS of posts about upgrading the sound system in the Jeep.

However, I have read pretty much all of them and I still don't have a clue of what to do. All threads go in several different directions.

That said, I have a stock Infinity sound system in my 2010 JK. I was quite impressed with the factory system until my front left speaker blew this summer, are 6 years of kind service. I then decided to proceed to a step by step upgrade. I changed the front speakers to kicker kss65 and the soundbar speakers to mid-quality pioneer speakers ( I actually had changed the soundbar speakers last year, and pollyfilled them). I had also installed an aftermarket HU (jvx el kameleon).

My problem now is that the kickers sound like CRAP. They distort at low volume. This is why I had read a million posts here. I finally came to the conclusion that my new kickers needed too much power that my factory amp couldn't provide.

So a delema appeared. Either I uninstall my speakers and tweeters (that were a PITA to install) and purchase low quality speakers (that will also be a PITA to install). And then try to sell my kickers at no profit.

SO I am now thinking about buying a replacement amp and keep my pretty good speakers, although I still have the factory sub. I am looking at the clarion xc2510, which is a 4 ch + sub ch. Now I know I'll run into so many problems. Which is why I am writing beforehand.

Any advice ? Will I f**k up keeping the factory sub ? Can I connect my new amp to the factory sub ? I saw the sub is a dual voice coil at 2ohm. Any help would be appreciated.

Also I guess I won't need my maestro anymore too right ?

Thanks guys !
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