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Help Save the Hyatt Christmas


Sign there petition. Click Me


By signing this petition, you show your support for Hyatt Extreme Christmas, a 20 year-old tradition, which has been entertaining, inspiring and motivating families from around Planation and South Florida. The Hyatt’s take great joy in creating memories for children both young and old during this special time of year. Our community can see our display of more than 200,000 lights for FREE. We give back to our community by raising awareness and funds for charitable partners such as Humane Society, Broward Food Bank and Support for the Military working with the Red Cross “Holiday Cards for Heroes”. Due to government interference, the Hyatt’s face a daily fine of $250.00, a lawsuit, and closed roads leading to their display. Pledge your support TODAY to save our display and continue to allow us to share the Christmas spirit with our community.

Please share our petition with your friends and family. Share your support online with our #HelpHyattHoliday

The Hyatt’s thank you for your support and wish you a Happy Holiday Season!

That's why I signed a petition to Diane Veltri Bendekovic, Mayor of Plantation, Robert Levy, City Council Member of Plantation Florida, Love 4x4 Jacobs, City Council Member of Plantation Florida, Lynn Stoner, City Council Member of Plantation Florida, Jerry Fadgen, City Council Member of Plantation Florida, and Love 4x4 Zimmerman, City Council Member of Plantation Florida, which says:

"Please HELP Hyatt Extreme Christmas by signing our petition to pledge your support of our Christmas light display"
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