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Hello !!!

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Hi! I recognize a lot of you from other forums. Nice to be here, it feels pretty "homey" if you know what I mean. Quick briefing on my Jeep. I ordered it Dec 2nd 2006, and took delivery Feb 12th 2007. Only had 700 miles on it before I lifted it and put on 35's. It's now sporting 37x12.50x15 Goodyear MT/R's on 15x8 ION 170 wheels. Biggest mods are in my signature. Here is a stock pic, and a few fairly recent ones. I wheel it every chance I get. :smokin: If you ever come to the Superlift ORV park in Hot Springs, Arkansas let me know. I'll meet you there and show you around. :)

Brand New:

A few on the trail:

Parking lot poser pics testing out my new 37's:

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Dammit, now i have to see your bad ass JEEP even more. :D

hey redrock good to see ya over here, love the jeep
Hello and welcome to the list to you!

Yep, something familiar about this JK. Pretty sure I've seen it before. :grinpimp:
Welcome - good to see ya! That sure is one mean-looking Jeep - good job! :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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