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Hi! I recognize a lot of you from other forums. Nice to be here, it feels pretty "homey" if you know what I mean. Quick briefing on my Jeep. I ordered it Dec 2nd 2006, and took delivery Feb 12th 2007. Only had 700 miles on it before I lifted it and put on 35's. It's now sporting 37x12.50x15 Goodyear MT/R's on 15x8 ION 170 wheels. Biggest mods are in my signature. Here is a stock pic, and a few fairly recent ones. I wheel it every chance I get. :smokin: If you ever come to the Superlift ORV park in Hot Springs, Arkansas let me know. I'll meet you there and show you around. :)

Brand New:

A few on the trail:

Parking lot poser pics testing out my new 37's:

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