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Hello-Great Site

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Just wanted to say hello. You've got a great site with plenty of information out here. I was looking for info on some other products and stumbled onto a lot of you I've seen on other sites. It'll be good to see what you've been up to.
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Welcome, & this Site sure is.
Welcome from glacier country. :D
Welcome and what does the sign in your AVATAR say?
It's at the head of the trail for Scholfield Pass/Devils Punchbowl in Crested Butte, Co. I lived out there for a few years. I'll try to post a better pic. Nature reserve Signage Sign Wilderness Biome
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Whoa!!! Sorry for the giant size I jacked something up. First time I uploaded a pic.
Welcome to the forum! Yeah, that's a fun trail!:smokin:
Yeah it used to be a fun one to take people on when they were out on vacation, run Lead King Basin and loop back to the Butte. Miss it out there ALOT!!! LOL
Thanks for the enlargement!
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