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:bounce: Hello all :gluging:

Yep I'm in the swamps of Florida, this my first Jeep and glad I got a JK too !

I've been a Toyota owner since the 1990.. have own 5 Toyota trucks all 4x4.

Just sold my tundra 2007 last year and got this new jeep JK unlimited.. I have put it into the swamps a few time .. never got stuck or had any problem .. yes I have check the diff fluids, and tyranny and gear box as well all good no water . . :thankyou:

I have added

Roof rack
rear bumper
4" lift
and getting ready to add 2" Body lift.

everything works great, and not sure what more to do to it..
running 32" tires . . no problem and it does and go where I point it.
in a few months Im putting MT/Ks on

No DW or weird stuff like I have read other places..

This is the only forums Im a member of, seem like a lot of smart people here ..
I have spent months looking for info on tyranny breather location at other sites . .

you all pulled it off so here will be home .

Thank you . . keep up the good work . . :thankyou:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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