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Hello JKO. I'm from the South Coast Massachusetts area. I'm a first time Jeeper and have a, new-to-me, 2008 JKU that I got not too long ago from my coworker with 148k on it. I've done some work to get it back in some form of driveable shape. Most notably:
- Plugs
-Coil pack
-Exhaust manifold (driver side)
-Tie rods/steering arm
-Steering damper
-Quadratec Leveling lift (1.75 front/0.5 rear)
-Wheels & 33" tires
-Catalytic converters
-Frame coating
-Aftermarket radio

I still need to install the front and rear bumpers, headlights, and fog lights. I also have a horn that isn't working that I think is either the clock spring, or the horn contacts/harness in the steering wheel. I haven't diagnosed that far back yet. This is a tertiary car for us and will be primarily a top off/beach going fun car, but even with that, it adds up quickly. The idea is to just keep up maintenance and not get too far into the weeds for modifications to still keeping it daily drive-able and not to draw too much attention to it.

I just recently got an OBD scanner, along with JScan, and am looking forward to playing around with that a bit to see what it can do. Seemed like a cool, inexpensive way to diagnose and modify some settings versus that of more expensive handhelds. Other than that, I need a detailing, and something to fix/cover the oxidized clear coat on the hood and windshield.

See ya around the forums.

strass4cpt (Sean)
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Welcome. Nice ride, what kind of wheels are those?
These are Quadratec Morphic wheels. I got a smokin' deal on them brand new ($523 for 5 rims), and got the Nitto Terra Grapplers put on. I got the vehicle with OEM wheels and some Good Year Wrangler Duratracs that were very poorly worn with uneven tread/scallops etc.

Trying to keep things on the milder side for this thing... but who knows. I've been hit by the mod bug in my Subaru days....
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