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2016 JKU Sahara, Metal Cloak 2.5 lift
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Hey guys thanks for having me on the forum. I've been using this forum as a resource for a while and figured why not join?

We bought our 2016 JKU Sahara in early 2020
and it was bone stock with only 10,500 miles (crazy right?) Since then I've installed an aftermarket sound system, winch, bumper, Bestop Ultra soft top, 35s with Mammoth wheels, and a Metal Cloak 2.5" lift. Next mod will be the Smittybilt spare tire carrier.

This is our first 4wd vehicle and we're hooked! We just recently returned from Hot Springs ORV in Arkansas. We were able to complete all 3 badge trails but quickly learned the limitations of open diffs. I'm already shopping for a front locker for the Dana 30. I'll post a review of whatever I end up installing (probably a lunchbox like the Aussie).
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