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hello all

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hi my name is rich ,long time offroader,allways wanted a jeep so got my wife a08 rubicon ,(so she thinks it was for her:),here is some pics of jeep,and our frist time out.http://s167.photobucket.com/albums/...if_Princess/?action=view&current=a601af78.pbw
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Rich, Welcome from Golden Colorado

What part of Riversde Co.? Will be moving back to Murrieta the first week in June.
Welcome to the site Rich. I was hoping my wife would want an Unlimited myself. That way I'd have my 2-door for what I want and the Unlimited when we need some more room.
Thanks for the welcome,i live in Idyllwild not to far from Murrieta like 30 or 40 mins
Thanks for the welcome,i live in Idyllwild not to far from Murrieta like 30 or 40 mins
We'll have to get together sometime and do some wheeling, I hear there are a couple of decent trails out there and near Hemet
cool will be nice to have someone to do these trails with,hate going out by ourselfs,i did gold mtn trail in Big Bear ,solo.couple times i wished i had company:)
Just let me know when and where, as long as the schedule is clear I'm game. Won't be back down there till next week though.

Can't do anything to wild, mines a stock X and my daily driver.
Welcome from another who is new to the forum!

I do alot of trails in the Big Bear/desert areas. Keep an eye out for posted trips coming up.
That sounds like fun. Our Rubi is stock too so we're in the same boat. :) On our last Jeep run we had a guy in a completely stock TJ and we did Rattlesnake Cyn from Lucern Valley to Big Bear and did great! I'm going to be busy this weekend, but maybe we can get some people together some time in June.
Just let us know when. We love Big Bear. :)
we are gonna do a Santa rosa mtn trip soon-- keep an eye out for that one- its near you.
SoCal representing big time over the last week, welcome to the forum, we'll all have to get together for a good run...
cool we've been to Santa rosa many many times,heard it was closed for awhile,its really close to us ill drive by it this weekend.
woot just drove bye Santa rosa,and its open,this is a nice easy run,will be fun:)
What a nice husband you are to buy her a jeep.
did you see the big bow in the pics?it was funny i told her no red 4dr rubi's were for sale in calif,but i found one lol,so i surpised her ,lillle dose she know of my master plan to build a moster rock clawler :stirthepot:
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