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I'm selling my JK to get a JKU.

I have an axle... ordered from mopar, taken out of the crate to regear to 5.38, kept the e-lock, sleeve, truss, add synergy ball joints, then installed on my JK. I didn't ever get around to wiring the locker and only put it in 4WD a couple of times. As close to a new built used axle as you'll find. Maybe 8k miles.

To match the rear, I have a stock non-Rubi 44 with Yukon 5.38s and a Yukon DuraGrip rebuildable LSD. This axle has maybe 2k on the gears.

All professionally installed by Rocket City Off-road in Huntsville, AL.

Shafts are straight, ready to rock. I'm asking for any stock axles in trade since this is going to a dealer. 3.21s and open diffs? No problem.

Looking for $3,000 plus your stock axles. Obviously local would be preferred. I'm in north Alabama, but I can make a trip any reasonable distance.
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