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Hardtop screws

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Ok, first post as a newbee JK owner and there may be an obvious answer...

For the hardtop, it has several Torx screws holding it on. Are there any "thumb" type screws you can replace of the Torx with. Is there any reason you cannot attach your hardtop with a hand tightened screw, other than the possible leakage due to weather or car wash?
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Try www:curieenterprices.com..the have some on their site.
Yes - CoolTech makes a set of replacement bolts: http://www.cooltechllc.com/servlet/Detail?no=18. I have had these on my hard top for about a month now and am happy with them. They seem solid - I haven't noticed any loosening. And they were cheap (less than $20). You will still have to use a tool to remove the front two bolts, but the package comes with non-torx replacements that you can use if you'd rather not deal with torx drivers.
Thanks for all of the information. Apparently, I did not look hard enough.

Just bought them from ebay. This includes softop thumb screws also.

Thanks guys. Will let you know how they work.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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