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Hard top repair

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Anyone done a repair or mod to hard top. I am looking for something that will bond 2 pieces together. Planning a mod.
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I'd say just some fiberglass, Now to make it look good I have no clue. The hard top on my CJ was sprayed with a bed liner, and that would cover your mods FYI
pm duke, he can hook you up with some ideas.
We did this already but we have a composite shop so it was not a big deal. Leave the center down a little that why when you bow the latches down it will pull down tight.Then paint or LineX the rest good to go
I have to fix a pretty nasty crack in mine as soon as it cools off enough to actually work on the top in the day time. I plan on doing it just like I would on my sailboat, etc - just standard fibreglass work.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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