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I'm looking to add a 2m/70cm radio to the jeep and I already have a CB antenna on the tailgate. The tailgate mount creates several problems I'd like to avoid with the ham setup, namely TINY ground plane, cable routing, and cable flex.

The ideal antenna mount on most vehicles is an NMO connector in the center of the roof because it is high up and has large sheet metal area for the ground plane. With no metal in the roof the hood becomes the only area left. An angle bracket at the hood seam would work but it puts the antenna really close to the trees, and I've already bent my stereo antenna. This still leaves a big area with no metal under it.

What about drilling a hole and putting an NMO connector right behind the footman loop on the hood and running the cable between the hood and the heat shield blanket? The rib in the hood makes a V at the footman loop, so the area just aft of it is a single layer of metal in the point of that V. It should be pretty stout.

The other idea is to just fab a bracket and mount the antenna by one of the hood hinges. That leads to more issues though such as routing cable into the cowl without pinching it, closer proximity to the passengers (rf exposure?), and closer to the A pillars and windshield frame.

Anyone have pics of mounting antennas near the center of the hood?

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