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just wanted to give credit to Morris 4x4....I will make noise when I am not treated well soo I will definately make noise when I am treated right...
long of the short i spent a crap load for the replacement Rubicon decals for my hood. Recieved one decal and I was hot... the customer service rep Joseph Cruz sent me this e-mail after I voiced my displeasure......

"I apologize about the inconvenience and confusion with your orders. You are correct about the shipping which is why I have had the shipping refunded for the order you just placed and I have sent a email over to my processing department to have the shipping refunded back to you for your first order for the decal. Our shipping Is prorated depending on the cost of the items, in this case the stickers are directly from Mopar which is why they are pricy as they are factory replacements directly from Mopar/Chrysler. Please feel free to email me at any time if you have any further issues or questions that I can assist you with."

Morris 4x4 is a rare find in the drop ship industry that seems to have forgotten about the actual customer...
on a side not the Manager Doug at 4 wheel parts Coppell Tx is an assett to the company for his attention as well..

that is all.
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