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Got my 2013 Sahara 3.5" lift and 20' XD addict 35" MT + 10A bumpers + Maximus-3

I purchased the vehicle 2 weeks ago brand new.
2013 Rock Lobster JKU Sahara
got the 3.5" RC lift kit + dual stabilizer,
and 20" XD addict + 35" Federal MT.
I was VERY surprise the 2013 engine + tranny work as my JEEP only came with 3.21 gears....
quickly plug in the Procal, adjusted the speed,
was going to re-gear, but i am going to hold off.
the JEEP surprisingly drives good, take off is not bad at all, as well as driving 75~80 mph on highway (getting 16~18 mpg).
Sidenote: damn MBRP spare tire relocator sticks out too much!!!
any recommendation? will the spare fit without the relocator? (I know i have to try it right?) anyother relocator that doesnt stick out much and still holds 35" good? (not looking to buy tire carrier at this moment..)

we will see how it handles the trail.. :) :thankyou:


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Good looking JEEP. I think TerraFlex makes a spare holder that fits tighter to the door than yours appears to. Ive heard of several people doing 35s with 3.21s but they live in flat country. Towing or mountains are going to suck, from what Ive heard.

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What kind of lift are you running?
Rough Country as indicated in the OP...

folks dont take kindly to calling them "cars" round here !

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Hey, I have almost the same setup as you do.

2012 JKU Sahara
3.5" Rough Country Lift and dual stabilizers
20" XD wheels and 35" Nitto Mud Grapplers
3.21 gears

I was contemplating re-gearing or getting a Procal. I wont do much offroading at all, its my daily driver. I don't feel like it is too sluggish (I have never driven it without the lift and tires so I am not sure what 'normal' feels like), but my mpg is around 13.5. I want to be able to drive on the interstate (70-80mph) with no issues, but also have some pep around town.

Any suggestions to up my mpg?
What gear ratio would be the sweet spot for my intended use?
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