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Well, Almost got everything installed yesterday:

PSC EVAP Skid - Done! :bounce:
Smittybilt SRC Front Bumper - Almost.. I had to stop due to the storms! :bawling: Its on the Jeep, with 2 bolts on each side!

Bumper Picture:

A little fuzzy, but you get the picture:

I only saw about a 1/2 inch drop in the front, so not too bad..

No picture of skid plate (yet). My back was already hurting and I did not feel like crawling back under the jeep to take pictures!

Basically, here is what stopped the work:

In front of our house:

In back of our house:

North of us:

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This is the same storm that basically DESTROYED Joplin MO..

Please pray for those in Joplin, it is pretty bad down there!!
Jeep looks good!

I'm worried about a good friend and customer of ours Josh_Jacklyn. He shows to have been online last night at 12:25 but I don't know when the storms hit. :(

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