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Wanted to share this with my NorCal friends... and wanted to just brag about my awesome son!

My 12 year old once again has schooled me on the computer!

Got my GIF's to work!

Here's how...

Save animated GIF to your PC ... open with software that allows you to resample the image ... resample to a low res and size until you have less than 19.5 KB (dictated by JKO for max avatar size) ... here's the tricky part ... an animated gif is comprised of a series of pics so the combined total needs to be less than 19.5 KB ... you will need to play around here a little to achieve this ... I use Corel Photo X3 and got it figured correctly on the 4th try... Corel is nice because it resamples all the pics together in one easy step. Other programs might also do the same.

After this save to photobucket.com ... copy direct link ... paste to avatar URL on JKO...

It sounds a little complicated but once my son Justin (12) showed Dad (48) how easy it is... it isn't so bad...

Nice to see my retirement plan is working out!

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