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Wasn't sure where to post this but...

I work for Verizon Wireless and due to that I purchased the new Motorola Droid. Absolutely fantastic phone with all the features it can do. One of them is Google Maps. Google Maps is great for a GPS. With me all the time...uses the actual sattelites and has pretty much the entire world mapped. My idea was to find a program from the Android Marketplace that worked with Google Maps and showed campsites, trails and even the difficulty of the trail. What brought me to this is that when I go out and look for a trail I find that here in Utah a lot of them are closed off to the public. It would be nice to have a program that not only showed me what trails are passable and open to the public but how rough they are and if there is camping nearby. If anybody by chance knows of such an app...please...let me know. If not...is there anybody out there with the knowledge of how to make the app?

A list of features I would want are...

1. Passable Trails (Roads and Trails for vehicles only...not hiking or ski trails. Lets assume these trails are Treadlightly friendly )
2. Campsite locations.
3. Active tracker. (Tracks your trip and puts it into a file to share with others.)
4. Trail difficulty info.
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