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Looking back at 2022 I failed to get a lot of things done on my Jeep and personally in my life. I always have the best intentions, but I think my laziness gets the best of me most times....

Looking forward to 2023 and being more faithful to working out, at 55 my body doesn't want to keep muscle like it used to and my joints keep me from lifting too much weight. All my kids are gone, so I turned one of the extra bedrooms into workout room. Put a new treadmill in there as well. Taking bets on if I work out more since it's 10' from my bedroom.......

I'd like to get our 2014 JKUR back on the road this year. I need to decide what to do about the engine, at minimum it needs a passenger side head (but I'd really like a V8) Still need to wrap up the ABS from the axle swap too.

How about you guys and gals?

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Hey, pretty much how my 2022 was, not exactly productive in the sense I would've liked 馃槀

Work was fine, we had a lot of changes and I guess that was one of the reasons I just got pretty much nothing done back at home... Except I rearranged my garage, so now I can actually get stuff done there.

2023... Well well well. Excercise is on my list too, I'm a bit handicapped at the moment, hope that gets sorted out, but well, it is what it is. One big thing is coming at the end of 23: lease on my Wrangler runs out. Oddly enough it's a company car, dunno if I'll be extending the lease, or what, might be getting a shorty JK... We shall see.

One thing I really hope from 2023, and sorry for getting borderline political here, I wish to see putin gone, and the war in Europe end. We have about 800 miles of border with russia, and while I'm not the least bit conserned about military threat to Finland, there's just no way of telling what stunts putler will pull from his sleeve. For the sake of Ukranians, I hope the war will be over soon.

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Well, I got the front control arms changed out to Clayton long arms, 3-link and Tom Woods front drive shaft. My 2015 Wrangler JKU was already lifted when I bought it in June, with all AEV parts. It had the AEV coil springs, with stock arms. I have the Clayton long arm kit for the rear, along with their 4.5 coil springs, rear track bar kit and brake lines, that I need to get installed. I installed diff covers from Dana, the blue ones. It looks good, as my Jeep is sliver. It's the Rubicon Rock Hard edition. I like the stock stubby bumper. It came with AEV 17" wheels and 35" BFG KM2 tires. I'm going to 37" tires very soon, and I need to regear to 4.88. Prior owners put on a Warn 9.5 winch with synthetic rope, and the AEV rear tire carrier, gas carrier and high lift jack. They also installed KC headlights and KC light bar. It had just under 15,000 miles on it. It was a true mall crawler. I've taken it up to Big Bear Ca a few times. I removed the electronic sway bar device and installed the plunger from EVO. I will scrap the entire sway bar at some point for a Currie or TereFlex bar. It has ARB onboard air, and an Odyssey Battery. I need to install the catch can kit I got from Tereflex. Just need some time away from work. Oh, and I installed the heavy duty front end steering kit from Tereflex. Knuckles, ball-joints, the works. It was a $1,700 kit. My only gripe with it, is that the tie-rod ends were super sloppy right out of the box. You have to tinker with their little adjustment tool and set screws. They are overly complicated. Just give me a heavy duty tie-rod, and be done with it. Other than that, their parts are well made. Installed the Flowmaster muffler in my work parking lot. Once I get the rest of my parts installed, I can go wheeling again. I will probably change out the head unit at some point. None of the aux ports work, and blue tooth wont' connect. I do like having a cd player and the hard drive.

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2022 was challenging for me, made some changes to the Jeep for the better, added some armor and improved approach and departure with a better choice in bumpers, all while worring about the economy but not wanting to compromise my goal of what I want for my Jeep. 2023 will see the D44 front axle I've been preparing to swap in. The axle is a big change for me that I'm sure will be awesome, will get me OX lockers F&R with 5:13 gears and Chrome moly axles, front will still be Rubicon sline count, but rear has 35 spline. Also have the JT rotors & calipers setup F&R that's ready to go on the new axles. Have the J8 master cylinder and booster on backorder, to complete the brake upgrades. If I'm seeing anymore availble cash it will go to complete the upgrade from True Dual to Gamechanger.

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Yep the after 50 slap in the nuts hits harder than the 40ish one. Looking to get back into the gym myself.

Jeep wise I鈥檝e had inner fenders laying here for about a year鈥︹ just can鈥檛 get into it.
Need to drive it more鈥.seems I find reasons not to.

I would probably sell it so someone could enjoy it more than I do but then I don鈥檛 know if I want to or not lol.

Anyways Happy New Years folks

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