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This may get moved to General or even chitchat but, I opted for " Wheel & Tire" since w/out air none of us could deflate-inflate our big tars . Plus this company's products move a large % of the air goin into tires each day. Last but not least, they are a JKOwners vendor ....so, I just felt a little attn was deserved.

Like you , I've carried many air compressors. From the HarborFreight little red one to ARBs , knockoffs to Viair models. The next to last one I had was a Chinese , generic that lasted a long time. It was so slow. Finally after multiple posttrail fillups where the low-duty cycle took forever I'd had enough. Plus, that was all on 35" tires ; I'd moved to 37s.

I needed a quality built aircompressor with more power.

I did research . I was not into the powertank . Even tho I've never used my jku's a/c , I just wasn't interested in a York.
I noticed a new ( at that time) hiflow , powerful portable offering from @VIAIR called the 440p; a 12v comp with almost unheard of CFM (approx 3cfm @ 90psi ). 33% Duty cycle was mediocre but I only ever need 10-15psi after wheeling to be at roadpressure, so I ordered one on chance it'd suffice.

Its an awesome, if slightly costlier, compressor.
I can air up from 10psi to 24psi in my 37 in about 2min . Under 10 min to fully inflate all four tires is awesome.
It's biggest feature - very high CFM- comes at a price tho; lotsa heat.

The little things forces air out at such a high volume that they had to install exhaust pipes on both sides.

These are on the outside , running out of the head down along base backup to a rear joiner and manifold that the fill chuck is affixed to. I have always been cautious with the thing since ,if anything of substance struck those chrome exhaust tubes , I knew it could be bad.

At CFR a 2-3 weeks ago , my daughter & I had to head back home the last evening ( loading up quickly) & wouldn't you know that's the time I accidentally touched one of these
heat exhaust tubes. I'd say that from about thigh-high , I dropped the compressor. It landed just right & bent the base, snapped the exhaust tube's mounting bung /joint directly off at the head & even ate a few coolling fins. :pissed:

That next week, I found a few minutes to call support for Viair to see if I could buy the busted parts/ how to fix it . I had filled wrrnty out but it was far past the agreement coverage ,iirc. This thing was 4-5 yrs old. So, I reached tech support for Viair . John from this dept was cool & knew his business. Once I told him the story he checked my acct up then asked me if my address was the same as wat they had.
He said ," let me go back to warehouse , talk to our engineers & see if we even have parts for a 440p. If it's ok , I'll email you the prices & can send at no shipping cost to ya,Mr. Williams . Now, I can't promise we will have these, just fyi..I can't guarantee we have the necessary items in supply..."

so, I forgot about it.

Yesterday, was 3weeks after that.
I went downstairs at lunchtime. I opened door just to see the weather , get some fresh air & sitting on my porch was a box .

I opened to find among all the packing material a reedvalve gasket together w/ an entirely new head & exhaust pipes for a Viair 440p .

If that isn't fantastic customer support I don't know what is.

I initially had a little buyer's remorse after spending a little more for this model 5 yrs ago. However, this experience has reminded me why sometimes buying the nicer gear is the right thing to do.
I'll now buy & recommend the VIAIR products based upon such fantastic customer handling . I sentvan email saying they should give John a raise & mostly wanted you guys to hear of this experience. Rare behavior those days.

Thanks ,VIAIR. Keep it up!


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