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General n00b questions

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Day two having the 4D JK and loving it. I *think* I am getting a weird buzzing or vibration from the rear passenger side speaker. It seems to be in the morning when its coldest and today when specifically listening for it seemed to have gone away after things warmed while driving. I also thought I heard it yesterday on the way home from work but again not the whole way....Everything leads to an issue with the cold but I didn't know if anyone else has this issue or if there is something I can check/simple fix, or heaven forbid I bring it back to the dealer and ask them to look into it.

My other question is about the side mirrors, yes I looked in the manual and I feel dumb for asking but how do these adjust? before I go pushing on things I want to confirm they are manually adjusted?
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Just push on the mirror glass to adjust them. Then wash off the fingerprints!

The buzz is probably just the blower for the heat/defrost. I think mine does it too but I don't notice anymore.
Thanks for the mirror tip. I'm pretty sure the buzz is from the speaker, my wife could hear it this morning also and it went away when turning the radio down. I don't know if something is frozen and not able to flex or what...its not like we have it cranked for the morning radio show we listen to.
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