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Decided to do some garage cleaning (all prices do not include shipping)

Kilby’s Evap relocation kit, complete with a new hose
$50 SOLD

New 15 feet of 1/0 power cables, lugged on both ends. Originally intended for a 3000 watt power inverter install on another vehicle.

Kilby’s Air tank mount for JK’s (will handle up to the 2.5 gallon tank) and 6” air manifold (with mount for the JK’s), comes with all the mounting hardware. The picture is ugly (the zinc coating came out weird looking), but the mounts are brand new, never used. Manifold was only used about a month.
$50 SOLD

Warn 24’ rear quick connect power cables. Warn 32966. Brand new. This was going to be for a set of front and rear jumper cable connectors that I was making, but in the end decided not to. This includes in addition to the kit an extra quick connector, dust covers for all the quick connects, 2 gauge jumper cables with quick connector installed, the cut off end (I was going to get another quick connector and install it just in case I ever needed to use the cables as a regular set), and a couple of extra 2 gauge lugs. It is missing the warn power cable from the battery to the power isolator, so I have included a 6 foot piece of 2 gauge to replace it (you will need to cut it to length and lug it). You can now mount the isolator about anywhere under the hood.

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