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G40 recall?

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Logged into jeep.com on a whim tonight and it said there was an incomplete recall notice on my rig.
"REPROGRAM EBC MODULE" recall G40 or something like that.
Anyone done this one yet? :mr-t:
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I need to do mine too. Although I'm not rushing down to do it.

I went in for the stall bug one and now that I have have the fix, I now also have the stall bug. :pissed:
OK I did it. I was in the neighborhood and had the G40 done. I also had them redo the G25. And that was the reason I went in. They did give me a little grief over running the UniChip and the super charger but the GM said just do it so I got the G25 flash, reflashed. Now hopefully my stall bug is fixed, again, that I didn't have to begin with. :shaking:

I have noticed no significant change in braking at all. But admittedly I'm not sure what I'm looking for.
Had my G-40 done yesterday and seems to be OK but we will have to see.:bounce:
Had mine done on monday. Did'nt notice a problem before so I really do not notice any difference now
I hadn't noticed any problems before now, called service they said it would be over a week before they could get to me :thefinger:
so I guess I'll get around to it whenever I get to it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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