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2007 Rubicon Unlimited 2007 Mileage 27,000
-ordered 10/06/08; built 01/09/08; delivered 01/19/08
-mods.:Mopar front and back bumpers
front skid with max coil front springs from Mopar
and tire carrier
Power One permanent oil filter
Oil filter sandwich for oil temp and pressure send
Combined pressure and temp gauge
capillary pressure and direct read temp
gauge installed between air outlets in center
Total vehicle weight: about 5500 lbs
-From Daytona to Montgomery - 460 miles
-camping equip for 10 days and two adults (on to upper mich)
The numbers: interstate flat road
Ambiant high 92 degrees
Oil pressure 50 lbs @ 2250 rpm @ 63 mph
Oil pressure 15 lbs @ 650 rpm
Oil temperature 218 degrees (varied from 212-218)
IAT varied between 98 and 112 degrees (Scan Gauge)
Gallons per mile, calculated, 18.2, Computer 19.4
Volts 13.9 to 14.1 with all lights on
Water temp 200 degrees plus-minus 5 degrees

Have been in Jeeps for over 25 years, CJ 5's, this one is the best yet...offroad in WV for a total of 200 miles, the rest onroad, we will see what it does in Upper Michigan.
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