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I have 6 MTRs that were recently swapped for 37s, I should have went to 37s from the start.
Asking $775 OBRO
4 x tires are all between 18/32s to 19/32s with very even wear, no patches or tears, less than 5000 miles on them. They have normal off-road wear as they have run the Rubicon and all the trails in Big Bear.

2 x tires I used as spares between 7/32s to 12/32s with slightly uneven wear due to positive camber. Both in great shape, no tears one has a small plug in tread done at a shop. The shinny tires are the spares getting hosed down before going into the garage where they have all been kept since removal. The Jeep pic is the day they came off.

Local only, I'm not inclined to ship these. I would also consider trading +cash towards 5x5 17" beadlocks or King coilovers spec'd for a JK.


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