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Like the title says, I'm selling my aFe cold air intake. It served it's purpose well during the short duration I owned it... (<1,000 miles) I would just like to use the money on other more important mods (gears), so it's got to go...

This is the model with the enclosure to keep warm engine bay air out and also has the stage 2 dry filter, meaning easy clean with water or a vacuum and no oiling.

Comes with everything it came with as new, except the install instructions (which can be found online) and is incredibly easy anyways!!!

I would like to get 200.00 shipped OBO, but I'm pretty firm on this price, here is a link to the price as new, http://www.quadratec.com/products/17006_210_07.htm

If you have any questions, please PM!, Thanks!

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