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just as title says: 4dr jk frame assy. has front "crash" structure cut out. was told light front end hit, and crinkled the first inch. none of the engine/suspension/body mounts, or other points have been moved or affected. easily repaired by welding in some 3x5 box tube to replace it.
perfect for building a jk based buggy, material for a 2dr body stretch, or as i was going to do with it: a modern drivetrain in an older jeep.
my project fell thru, so this is up for sale. $250
i can help with loading, or possibly shipping up to 200mi from 76247

ignore the reflectors, they were added as a safety precaution when i was towing it (overhung trailer a foot)
the part in red is whats been removed

1 - 3 of 3 Posts