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I'm hoping someone else has seen this problem.....

2010 Sahara

Im not aware of anything I did to cause this other than drive it home from work got up the next morning and this crap started.

Wipers are stuck on "always running" with the wiper switch in the off position if I turn the wiper switch to the on position it kills the engine "shuts it right down" also Jeep is running bad "Surging" I figured it was a bad ground "NOT A TIPM ISSUE" I figure the pcm is finding ground through the wiper motor so when I turn the wipers on the pcm looses ground so the engine shuts down.

I did unplug the altenator and drove it a little, once the battery got low the wipers stoped running and the jeep started running good again "NO Surging"

Thanks in advance for any feedback, thoughts, ideas!!
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