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front locker won't disengage

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After a day at Uwharrie I came off the trails to realize my front locker will not disengage in my 07 rubicon. Even in 2wd the front is locked. I haven't had a chance to open the diff cover and look inside but I am stumped for right now. It will engage and work fine, but when I hit the button to free it the steering becomes almost impossible and the light steady blinks. It is going to the Jeep dealer tomorrow I guess for them to tell me it won't be under warranty because of the lift. So any ideas before that happens would be greatly appreciated.
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Mine did the same thing the switch that engages the locker went out and it took them almost a month to get the replacement locker as they can not replace the switch themselves if it's bad.

Also make sure they have someone trained in installing the locker in the JK because my dealer did not and screwed up causing me to wait 3 more weeks
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