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Freedom top wiring

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I just bought a used 07 unlimited X. The used car dealer said it came with the freedom top and the soft top originally. However after checking it out and getting the build sheet from jeep. I found the top was added after and I don't have the proper wiring for it.
What I need now is a way to wire the rear wiper and defroster system up since my control panel doesn't have those controls and my jeep lacks the wiring for them. Can anyone help?
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Not sure but I think you will have to replace the combo switch on the steering column and get the entire wiring harness that goes to the rear on the left side of your Jeep.
Do you know what part # that might be or where to look it up?
Just call the dealer ask to speak with parts and explain to the parts guy what you are doing you might have to give him your vin number so keep it handy.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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