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Custom Splice has a great coupon offer that starts today. Free shipping on any order over $100 qualifies. Simply go to www.customsplice.com and get to shopping, then when you check out, type in JKOFREESHIP in the coupon code to not pay any freight. We have a lot to offer, some of the items are featured below:

Tire Cable Auto part Technology Automotive wheel system

Bubba Rope is great for a short distance jerk to get you out of a sticky situation.

Shelf Shelving Furniture Room

Custom Splice is proud to manufacture fairleads in house from US manufactured aluminium.

Land vehicle Vehicle Off-roading Off-road racing Automotive tire

We have a race presence at the sponsorship level with a handful of race competitors, like Levi Shirley from Dodge City, KS (rig pictured)

Blue Rope Rock-climbing equipment Carabiner Electric blue

In addition to main lines, we can make extensions, with soft ends or tube thimbles.

Rope Rock-climbing equipment Carabiner
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